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The Learned Fangirl is looking for feature essays (2,500 words and up) for our continuing TLF Seminar Series in 2017. We are looking for critical and accessible essays about popular culture, fan studies, technology, and online culture. Our scope is wide: we publish on topics from online archiving of fanworks to activism in boy band fandom – and a whole lot in between and beyond.

We are aiming for a scholarly but accessible tone for our essays that place pop culture issues/events in a broader historical and socio-cultural context. We want the essays we post to stand the test of time – so think “long-tail”, rather than “hot take!”

There are publishers that are interested in more immediate pop-culture related essays, we do not publish articles on the latest pop culture event that just happened last week or yesterday.

Payment and Process

We pay $200 for Seminar Series essays, and you retain the copyright in your work; you grant a first publication license grant. You will get a thorough edit from both our Publisher and Managing Editor.  Multiple drafts are our friends!

Before you pitch

Look over what we’ve previously published – we publish on lots of different subjects for an audience that is curious about things that they aren’t fans of.

So if your proposed essay is focused primarily towards an audience that already knows everything about this topic, it’s not for us. But if you want to help explain about what you know for those that don’t already know, pitch us!

What we need in your pitch

We need you to include a link to your previous writing somewhere (published, on your own blog, etc) or the opening paragraph of your proposed essay.

What will help your pitch

If you have a thesis or dissertation chapter that you want to get a wider audience, please pitch to us!

We are interested in articles that reference scholarly research/writing: critical media theory, Comparative Studies, Law, Feminist Theory, among other frameworks.  We will give extra consideration to submissions that focus on gender/race issues or from those in underrepresented groups: women of color, gender non-conforming, queer, and disabled writers.

What we are not looking for

No hot takes, listicles, personal essays, or recaps!

What we will not even respond to

No hot takes or listicles!

No sponsored content (WE REPEAT, no sponsored content!
E-mail your pitch to: thelearnedfangirl AT GMAIL DOT COM with the subject “Seminar Series 2017” plus a working title of your pitch

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How come Cheryl, who writes so much about GoT, is not listed here as a contributor? I wanted to see her bio.

[…] 1. The Learned Fangirl publishes “critical and accessible essays about popular culture, fan studies, technology, and online culture.” Keep in mind that they do’t want personal essays, listicles, or recaps. They pay $200 per essay. Don’t send completed essays; pitches are preferred. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. […]

[…] The Learned Fan Girl looks for “critical and accessible essays about popular culture, fan studies, technology, and online culture.” They previously covered Game of Thrones in-depth. They still cover everything from The Walking Dead to Wonder Woman. They are looking for “what a show means to me” essays, though. In fact, they even strictly state they aren’t looking for personal essays. So, be sure to check out the site before you pitch. The pay is $200 for 2500 words and up. […]

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