Well played, Uncle Trent!

I am really enjoying Nine Inch Nails The Slip thus far. This morning the full-length album was made available free of charge on the NIN.com, withe the following message:

the slip is licensed under a creative commons attribution non-commercial share alike license.

we encourage you to
remix it
share it with your friends,
post it on your blog,
play it on your podcast,
give it to strangers,

I am thinking this is the unnamed sequel to Year Zero, though musically it sounds like an aggro With Teeth. (Which is not a bad thing.)

I’ve read comments a lot of fan online who want to “donate” to the release of The Slip. Honestly, not to speak for the man, but I think this is a “pay it forward situation.” Take that $10 and pay for the release of the next new/independent artist whose album you’re interested in. (In addition to seeing NIN on tour this summer, of course.)

I think I’ll be doing my part to spread the word by sharing a new track from The Slip each day on this blog along with some links to new artists with releases this year that would love your cash!

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