Watch Jane The Virgin Before It’s Too Late!

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November is here and normally by now, shows would be dropping like flies and we’d be seeing articles about the body count of cancellations. But we haven’t yet. Which, while is good news for the shows I like, also makes me nervous.

Why? Because I haven’t seen news as to whether or not the shows I like have gotten their full season order and will live to complete the first season. Sometimes that isn’t bad — after all some shows have episodes that survive in vacuums. That is, each episode is self-contained and doesn’t have many loose threads, so if the axe falls, it’s a clean cut, no worries.

But Jane the Virgin on CW? If that show is axed, it’s not going to be a clean cut, it’s going to be a gaping, spurting wound of unanswered questions that will drive me insane, because (if you haven’t figured it out by now):


Besides the fact that the show has gotten some rave reviews from critics and has been praised for its diverse portrayal of Latinos, it’s good. Really, really good. I hesitate to compare it to Ugly Betty, outside of the fact that they both are based on telenovelas, because Jane the Virgin is less cartoonish and broad comedy than Ugly Betty. Sure the premise is basically impossible and some of the resulting events (spoiler: DUDE. IMPALED. ICE. SCULPTURE) are so over the top it makes Scandal look positively tame in comparison. And there are the telenovela touchmarks on it, but it’s never in mocking tone, but as tribute to the show’s roots.

Did I mention that there’s little fantasy moments, flashbacks to Jane’s childhood and a narrator? Because somehow all these elements work and much of the credit has to go to the writers and cast. Gina Rodriguez’s performance as Jane has so much charisma that you are rooting for her and wishing nothing but the best for her.

I love Jane’s relationship with her mother and grandmother, because while they’re opinionated, they ultimately respect Jane’s decision to have the baby and support her in every way that they can think of. I know some people have criticized the show for basically being a “pro-life” stance, but really, isn’t part of a choice also choosing to have the milkshake, even under what we would consider less-than-idea circumstances?

While people have been talking about the show and saying it’s fantastic, the ratings for it haven’t been as good as the critical response. Which saddens me. I hate to think that this is a one-season or less show, because there’s so much richness that’s evident in the first three episodes that I mainlined over two days (something which I’ll confess to rarely doing). If you liked Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty or even Pushing Daisies, I’m urging you to give this a try.

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I have never heard of this show, but I will definitely remember to check it out. I mean, you compared it to Pushing Daisies so it would be criminal to not give it a chance.

You should give it a shot! I think you’d love it. But I’ve been yelling that at people on the street. The show is just magnificent.

Is it possible for the CW to yank the show before the full season airs now that the have given the full season order? I can’t get enough of this show. It is so funny and touching. All the characters are interesting. I think Jane’s decision to continue the pregnancy is the wrong one but given the context it makes sense. She has feelings for the father who will never have another chance to produce a biological child. I also think it is silly for a woman to vow virginity until marriage but I can understand why Jane has made that decision. The show manages to be about a virgin yet be bawdy and sex positive. That oral sex dream Jane had was risque.

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