The YouTube Museum of Television History

by Keidra Chaney

Doctor Who fan/video historian Babelcolour recently updated his popular video overview/tribute to the Doctor Who universe, compiling clips from 226 Doctor Who storylines (told through over 784 episodes) from Doctor Who’s nearly 50 years on the air. It’s a great quick and dirty visual intro to Doctor Who for newer fans and lovingly done tribute; check it out:

For some TV fandoms, YouTube serves as a living archive of sorts for the show’s history. Dedicated fans upload clips (and sometimes full episodes) of TV shows and fans of older shows and “legacy” programming like soap operas and sporting events in turn, acquaint themselves with past storylines and events, or relive their favorite moments. When One Life To Live was cancelled, I consoled myself by watching iconic scenes/storylines (Megan’s death, the controversial gang rape storyline, Jessica’s many breakdowns) and even storylines I was too young to have seen when they aired (Judith Light’s Emmy winning turn as sex worker-turned housewife Karen Wolek in the 70’s.)

Have you ever used YouTube as a way to catch up with the history of a TV show or relive your favorite scenes?

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