The Learned Fangirl Wants You To Write For Us!

TLF is looking for new writers!

We are looking for any writing that is at the intersection of pop culture, technology, and cultural analysis.

We are specifically seeking out  contributors that have a unique voice on:

  • Television – U.S., U.K., Spanish-speaking countries, and more

We aren’t watching as much telly as we used to, but you are!

  • Sports

We know nothing about sports, beyond the fact that when the World Cup is on we root for the Black Stars!

  • Comics – U.S., manga, manwha, and beyond

We know what Days of Future Past means, but stopped following comics about two Marvel/DC reboots ago, so tell us what we’ve been missing!

  • Video games

We still think that a guild is a medieval means of controlling production, so tell us more!


If being a regular contributor seems like too much commitment, how about writing a guest post?

We’re open to what you want to share, but these are some of the topics we won’t be writing, but would love for someone else to:

  • The Chicken Lady is Awesome: why Americans are so obsessed with Downton Abbey compared with other Brit costume dramas  [ed: I seriously want someone to write this – I like the show, but don’t get the extreme hype!]
  • The racialized differences between use of Twitter (AKA Why is it that white people get freaked out by tweets about the BET awards)
  • PSY – the remakes, the man, the anything
  • Comparing post-catastrophe shows views of the world
  • Episodic television (like Revenge, Friday Night Lights) versus stand-alone episode shows (original flavor Law & Order, sitcoms)
  • Shows with perceived of huge letdown endings (Buffy, Lost, Battlestar Galatica) and why (or why not) this matters
  • Scandal and its realness (or not)
  • The Mindy Project: Good, bad, whatever

Send us your post, pitch, or generally what you got to


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Good Afternoon,

My name is Gabriel Nelson and I am working alongside a technological company, who are seen as experts in their field. We are looking to feature our content with only one back link to their website. We have one piece that is on new data trends that has already been written and is totally original. Right now I am looking to give it a home. Let me know if you might be interested in it.
Thanks so much,

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