Scandal Chat Post-Season Extravaganza

It’s the Scandal Chat post-season wrap up show, with your hosts Viv and Keidra. We’re kinda gonna talk about Season 3 but we are mostly gonna talk about our wish list for season 4, sometimes using clunky, mostly inaccurate sports analogies.

Maybe Abby will have something to do next season! Good luck Abby!
Maybe Abby will have something to do next season! Good luck Abby!


whispers Did I get that right?

KC: So, I was pretty open about my disappointment with the end of S3, Viv liked it more than I did but I definitely feel like the show went off the rails and I am ready for some changes for s4, especially since the show is basically in reboot mode.

I feel like we are in a situation where the show could re-invent itself or at the very least go back to some of the things that made it really work in those first few seasons because as much as I liked it becoming Black Alias, I do kinda miss the Scandal of The Week. I mostly miss S1 Olivia Pope. S1 Liv, like S1 Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl was such a high standard of fierceness to see her fall from grace was a sad, sad thing. It’s always those dudes, man. YOU FELLAS AND YOUR SEXUAL WILES BRINGING DOWN THE LADIES!!!!

VO: I liked it, but it definitely felt rushed. Really, the entire Season 3 could be summed up as this: This is the lengths people will go to when parents want to get their kids out of a shitty relationship with a horrible dependent baby otter.

I also miss Season 1 Olivia Pope, but I think that this entire season was about her parents extracting her from the relationship with Fitz. Because boy howdy, they were willing to go to great lengths to get her out of that mess. Rowan and Maya may not love each other, but when it comes to their baby girl? They see eye to eye and they have their sights trained on taking down Fitz. I love it. Co-parenting at its worst and best.

KC: Anyway, i was thinking about what I want for next season and what character I am betting the season on, like it’s Scandal Fantasy Football or whatever and these are my first-round draft picks (note: I don’t know what that means)

Cyrus: I am pretty much better that Cyrus will be running the White House next season. It’s gonna be a flash forward about 2 years into the presidency. Fitz will be a total useless bump on a log and Cyrus, at long last will be calling the shots while Fitz sits on the sidelines.

VO: (sportscaster voice) Well, with Fitzgerald Grant basically catatonic, of course Cyrus Beene would come off the bench for the team, but I think he’s going to have a hard time being captain of the White House, given that Mellie and now Andrew Nelson are in play. I can see Nelson trying to muscle his way onto the field with the assistance of Mellie.

KC: We will finally get that presidential divorce that was supposed to happen in S1, maybe not at the beginning of the season but later. I don’t think Mellie is gonna be able to live with Fitz and herself after lil Jerry dying and she is just gonna say screw it, leave Fitz and go full on Hillary.

VO: I don’t see a divorce happening. I don’t think Mellie’s going to go free agent yet. She’s got Nelson on her team (and is probably planning on doing it with him on every single flat surface in the White House, so bring a towel to sit on if you’re invited over for dinner) and right now she’s also got her shit to sort through. But I do see her battling Cyrus for control over the White House and aligning herself with Nelson.

KC: I would be down with that. I could see her and Cyrus going at each other for control. That would be fun. So, about Abby: I feel like Abby spent all of last season becoming Olivia on the DL and in S4 the student will become the rival. Olivia will be gone and Abby will start her own agency and take on some of Liv’s old clients. I really hope this happens because I want S1 Liv to come back and a good professional rivalry may do this. Not that Liv and Abby won’t be friends, in their way, but friends sometimes make the best rivals. It could also put a great twist on the Case of the Week, if they both have to fight for the same clients.

VO: IF Mellie divorces Fitz, I want her hiring Abby to do the damage control, while Olivia is busy propping up Fitz and the White House, because that would make some juicy case of the week fun.

KC: That would be awesome. I would love that, and in a weird way bring it back to reality a little after a season of BANANAS.

VO: Also, I hope to see Leo Bergen come and complicate things even more for David Rosen and Abby, given the chemistry that I’ve seen those two have.

KC: Columbus Short is now a free agent. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU COLUMBUS. Actually, I honestly was more like Harrison > Columbus so if they wanted to recast I would totally be okay, but Shondaland doesn’t really do recasts. It sucks that we will never get Harrison’s story. He was just kinda .. there and had a lot of unused potential.

VO: Well, let’s hope Columbus gets the help he needs no matter what. Maybe he wouldn’t be really killed and instead he’s thrown in a different hole in B613.

Speaking of holes…..

If we continue to see more of B613, I’m going to wager right now that Maya Pope is/was an agent of B613, given that she was last seen in the hole, looking up at Rowan. So far the only ones we’ve seen in the hole have been Jake and Huck and they are/were B613 agents and it seems reserved for them.

KC: I definitely think Maya might have always been B613 all along. You know why? I used to watch Alias. And that’s how things are done then. And it would make sense that Maya was a double agent, deep undercover at B613 and started a relationship with Rowan then.

VO: But I’m convinced that Maya and Rowan struck an alliance to get Olivia out of her relationship with Fitz. Maybe Rowan promised Maya she’d have her freedom if she cut her ties with her past — which meant killing Dominic and Adnan. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both decided to kill Fitz, but were also really good at improvising on the fly. Rowan, being Rowan, probably reneged on the deal and brought Maya back because she’s an asset to B613 and also that he doesn’t trust her not to go on a murder spree when she’s let loose.

Which also then ties into Rosen — how deep is he gonna dig? And is he gonna end up being cut from the team aka whacked?

KC: I thought Rosen was gonna die like, S1, I always think he is gonna die.

VO: Huck: Even though he may have walked away from the game, I suspect he’s not gone for good. Much like Hova, who retired and then came back, Huck can’t stay away from torture. Interestingly, if Abby becomes Olivia’s rival, I can see Huck aligning himself with Olivia, while Quinn joins Abby because of her resentment towards Olivia and her skill set would prove to be useful to Abby.

KC: Non-Olitz romance. I have no problem with saying I am anti-Olitz. Come at me, bro, I will turtle slap the shit out of you. I want Olitz to die, i don’t care if Liv is with Jake, Mellie, Cy or a bottle of Cabernet. But I want a non-Olitz season.

VO: What I want for the season opener is Jake and Olivia, sitting on a beach, talking trash about EVERYONE. I want her to sing “We are never, ever, ever getting back together” in beach karaoke. And I want her away from Fitz, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Fitz will come out of his catatonic state about halfway through and woo her with a house made out of locally-sourced, organic and blood-free diamonds. And we will roll our eyes. Because those two are just terrible for each other.

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You ladies will be proud to know that I powered through S1 & S2 in just over a week’s time. I’ve started S3, but found the first two episodes rather snoozy.

It gets better. Then it gets worse. And so on!

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