Scandal Season 3 Finale Chat

crazy eyes for everyone!
crazy eyes for everyone!

Next to last Scandal Chat of the season! Yes, I said next to last, because even though this is the finale, we will be doing a post-season wrap up chat to cover the entire season’s twists, turns and face-palmy moments. Also Viv can’t make it for this final chat so Raizel is taking over today.

RL: I felt honored to take over for Viv for the season finale. Then I watched the show. Viv, you got out when the going was still (relatively) good.

KC: Boo what a lackluster finale! I am with Mellie, I want my money back. Even though I was happy that Papa Pope is alive and evil as ever and I liked the twist with Mama Pope, this was all too slow moving and corny to be a proper finale. It felt more like a series finale for a B-level USA series than Scandal.

RL: Yup, this has Covert Affairs written all over it.

KC: There were a few things that just insulted my intelligence. I mean, I know that the American electorate is not so bright but the way they handled the polls just made us, as Americans, look dumb “Oh Sally did a speech at the bomb site, she’s gonna win! Oh Lil Jerry is dead, Fitz is gonna win!” I mean we are stupid, but come on!

RL: Did the show also forget that there is a THIRD killer candidate? The crat? And I’ve seen enough West Wing to know that there should be lots of exposition about poll numbers. There was something weeks ago about women voters in a poll — and then, what, the American people swing like a metronome?

KC: I felt bad for Charlie. I honestly think he, in his own way cared about Quinn, at least as a crazy killer partner in crime. I would have chosen Charlie over Huck. I remember a point, seasons 1 and 2 where I actually liked Huck, but his weird entanglement with Quinn just ruined whatever sympathy I had. Now he’s reunited with his family and I don’t even care.

Quinn ruins everything.

I did like the way Abby was like “OH MY EYES!” Even though her storyline was boring as hell this season, I like her character and she had it together more than Liv this year.

RL: Ah, yes, the C and D level characters. My reaction to Huck and Quinn has been similar to what happens to a man not raised in a household with any women asked to buy tampons for his ladylove for the first time.

KC: Jake is like a fan-fiction boy. He is not written like any real-life man ever. “Hey baby, I know you are in love with another man but I am committed to being your sloppy seconds.” Get the hell outta town with that shit. Still I hope Liv enjoys him for the time being.

RL: Jake is definitely some sort of Gary Sue, but at least he doesn’t slut-shame. He accepts that Liv for some unknown reason is loves Fitz. But Charlie is still my favorite B613 associate because he just tells it straight.

KC:The big reveal with Mellie was not what I thought it would be. I do think she “accidently” spilled to Liv knowing she would run off and tell Fitz. But I hate that Fitz would NEVER have believed his own wife and that Liv had to carry that burden. God I hate that man. I don’t think that this is gonna change much for Mellie/Fitz dynamic, especially now with Lil Jerry being dead.

RL: I was severely pissed by the Mellie storyline. This is a woman who has kept a dreadful secret for the sake of her “everyone must protect Fitz” husband. And her secret is revealed in such a betraying way by Liv.

And does no one remember that this couple has/had three children? So Fitz’s “I needed comfort elsewhere” speech last week was BS, considering that after Jerry they had two kids. And one of them after Fitz had at least two affairs.

So smart, risk-taking Mellie, who kept taking back her hubby, and finally got some good some (remember the humiliating shower with Fitz?) is reduced (briefly) to two-episode run of alcoholism — and then propping up her mourning husband. Who likely will be mourning more for jam-making Liv than his son.

KC: I know I should be more soft-hearted about teenagers being killed, but Lil’ Jerry seemed like a sociopath, so him dying was like “oh that’s surprising!”and then “…”

RL: We never got to know the older kids. And he didn’t seem like a sociopath — just a horny kid ignored by his dad and shunted off to boarding school. And another wrong note about Mellie — she was a good parent to her kids older than toddler; she was the one who parented them through Fitz’s alcoholism after being shot — it never seemed like she distanced herself specifically from Lil Jerry.

KC: So clever way to keep Harrison in play without completely killing him off. Considering that I am pretty sure Columbus Short is headed to jail, I am sure this will be our goodbye to Harrison. The “young, gifted, and black” thing was TOUGH. Joe Morton must fist pump the air every time he gets a script.

RL: I want a weekly 15 minute show of Joe Morton chewing the scenery. Where Mama Pope does more than give excellent side-eye and weave. Because you are wasting Khandi Alexander, show!

KC:They really are. She’s such a good actress, and I feel like they never really gave her much to do outside of be fabulous. Since she’s not dead I am hoping we will get to see more of that in S4.

RL And I still think that Daddy and Mama Pope were in cahoots to protect their baby — even if that meant the death of Fitz’s kid. Because they both are cray killers, but Liv is their “walking in the light.”

KC: Oh I agree! And I actually LIKE this, They are both nuts but they love their Olivia and they do CRAZY shit to keep her “in the light” as much as she can. Seeing them together, you realize maybe Liv is as well-adjusted as she can be with parents like that.

RL: And Huck blew up B613, but now they have paid their light bill, so they are back in service? I don’t understand the financial logistics of this show. And I do not watch a show as crazy as Scandal to think about financial logistics. Shows that financially do not make any sense are supposed to be on USA or similar. Like Psych and Burn Notice. How do they pay their bills?

KC: Finally, you know what really pissed me off? The last few scenes. Liv leaves town, blaming herself for all the recent drama and turmoil. “I’m the scandal!” she said.

But the fact is… no. Cy had it right. It’s FITZ. FITZ IS THE PROBLEM. Everyone suffered, everyone lost, including Fitz himself, to keep his dumb ass in the Oval Office. Of course, what do we do as women, as women of color. We blame ourselves for everything. I am not saying she hasn’t done stupid shit, but let’s not get it twisted. The eye of the storm is Fitz. Everyone ruined their own lives and others lives to support HIM. Also, after all this, his son is dead, he found out his father raped his wife, all of this shit and he calls his SIDE CHICK? HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING? I am glad that Liv – at least for the time being – found a clue and ignored his call, though I am sure she will disappoint me with her bad choices again.

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as i tweeted last night, this felt like a “we’re not quite sure if this show’s coming back next season” finale, and if i continue to view it through that lens, i’m ok.

also, i want/need a show with joe morton monologuing and jeff perry throwing all kinds of shade – not necessarily at each other, but something. maybe someone can come up with – assuming this doesn’t already exist – some scandal/treme fic where this can happen.

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