Scandal Chat: Season 4: Episode 13

VO: I suppose Papa Pope bought Olivia, which equates to how many uncomfortable Sunday dinners? I think the only thing that is making me vaguely gleeful is knowing that hopefully this game of “Where in the World is Olivia Pope?” will end soon.

KC: I am super bored with this storyline now and I hope it’s over tonight.

VO: I can’t believe how stupid these guys are who captured Olivia. Seriously Gus, how the hell do you not know Farsi to broker the deal? You’re an international merc. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?

KC: I figure it’s like any other job where you have to learn the ropes

VO: Oooh Mellie’s in her power red, this is good and bad at the same time.

KC: I am really hoping this “Mellie going for hers” storyline is a long-term one.

VO: And I feel like Abby is just getting the shaft this season. She deserves more than what they’re giving her for information.

KC: It makes sense though. Being in the White House means she’s serving a different boss, as much as she cares about Liv, she answers to someone else.

VO: Poor Quinn. I feel for her mourning and her relief and just all of the insanity associated with it.

KC:I think Quinn should run OPA now.

VO: I was hoping for Quinn and Abby, so Abby would be the public face and Quinn a more balanced version of Huck, but I’ll take your suggestion. Quinn’s no longer the worst in my book.

I’m not sure you should mess with Mellie Andrew. She’s wearing her power red and she’ll probably stab you with her heels.

Ah finally an explanation as to how much Olivia knows, even though it still smells like bulshit to me. And she’s been out of the White House for so long that I question whether or not any of her information is even relevant now. I love that the CIA Director is playing the voice of reason regarding how foolish Fitz’s quest to get Olivia back. And of course Fitz ain’t shit because he’s not listening to his cabinet. Even Cy’s all “Damn I can’t fix this….”

KC: Why on EARTH would she know all of this and people NOT know she’s the president’s mistress?

VO: Fitz is the worst and right now Cy is ready to slap Fitz. But he also go the best read ever, even if it wasn’t real. Kudos to Jeff Perry for pulling off basically a Lewis Black impersonation in that scene.

KC: I was so disappointed that Cy didn’t actually quit. I was so mad about that. I think Cy in earlier seasons would have put his foot down way earlier about Fitz’ bullshit. He knows this is off the rails and its weird that he’s not doing anything about it.

VO: I know right? That’s the whole thing about this storyline that is pissing me off. And now Lizzie is along the lines of “I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”

KC: After the whipping I would have been done.

VO: So is there an Addicts Anonymous with Huck and Jake for murder? I feel like Jake’s becoming his sponsor. And now Quinn is asking Huck not to kill? I don’t know if that’s a promise he can keep.

KC: What’s with the tear licking? Is that a B6-13 thing?

VO: Probably part of the training along with creative uses for a cheese grater.

Ah David and Abby — I love at least they’re being honest with each other. He’s a horrible cheerleader and trying to comfort Abby, but you know he’s trying. And the worst part is that Abby knows the worst, and knows they can’t fight against it.

KC: I do like them as a couple now, and that’s weird because I used to hate them.

VO: I think it’s that they’re both on the outside now. Either that or they look perfectly normal in comparison to the other couples on this show.

Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie, you’re about 20 minutes too late.

Ah Cyrus, being the pragmatist that is needed. I don’t blame him one bit for this, but at the same time, you know shit’s gonna hit the fan.

KC: I hope in the future we can see more of Cy in action. I miss him as a player. Maybe he should moonlight on House of Cards.

VO: I feel like that all of this is the romantic notions vs reality and maybe I’m too much a pragmatist, but I’d be all “Dude, just kill me. I’m not worth this…”

KC: That’s how Liv has kind of been rolling.

VO: Even I knew Gus was gonna go with the Russians. He’s been watching your expressions. How the fuck did you not know this?

KC: Liv’s gut has been off for a long time.

VO: Quinn, when you make someone like Huck do a promise, you have got to have it done in a certain manner that makes it look like an airtight legal agreement.

KC: Do you think laws matter to Huck?

VO: Weirdly yes, when you get a promise out of him. He reminds me of Rowan in that he will stick to the letter of the agreement and promise, but not necessarily the spirit, if that makes sense.

REALLY? YOU HAD TO GET NICHOLS NAKED FOR THAT? And if he’s dead, who is the Veep?

KC: Can we get Sally back?

VO: Also how stupid is Fitz to assume that his order are going to be going fine? He hired Cyrus right? He knows who Cyrus is right?

KC: None of this makes sense.

VO: Hey Papa Pope! I love the line of “Did she scratch my records?” Wait. Olivia was gone for only a WEEK? He feels about fishing the way I feel about knitting.

KC: Damn Fitz sent thousands of people to war in a week? And no one is protesting? I call bullshit.

VO: “She’s your daughter!” DUDE, SHE TRIED TO SHOOT HER DAD. This isn’t Jane the Virgin where the grandma forgives Jane because she’s blood. I don’t know what show Jake wandered in from, but Scandal ain’t about love and forgiveness.

KC: Papa Pope is about as invested in this show as I am at this point. He’s like “whatever” He said she was on her own, and I like his consistency.

VO: Good grief. These two hackers are pretty bro-tastic.

KC: They are horrible people but that make me laugh. That’s startup coders in a nutshell.

VO: Come on Cyrus, to hell with romance. This is about playing the pragmatist.

STEPHEN! STEPHEN! STEPHEN! HOLY SHIT! So wait…how did Olivia know Stephen was on his way?

KC: That was a nice nod to the OG Scandal fans.

VO: Abby is going to take that glass of Scotch and shove it up Cy’s ass isn’t she?

KC: She should.

VO: Holy shit massive stroke for Nichols? I suppose Huck did stick to his promise.

KC: That hallway nod between Mellie and Lizzie was awesome.

VO: Totally. I love those hallway nods.

Huck should write greeting cards.

KC: For WHO?

VO: I don’t know, it’s the same people who write the, “I’m sorry about your relapse” cards.

How did Fitz get up there without Jake and everyone else seeing this? Did he ghost his way up there?

KC: I wondered that too. He’s a sneaky fucker.

VO: “I went to war for you,” is such a bitch baby thing to say. Weirdly I feel like this fight has been like three years coming. And Olivia’s retort is impressive because he didn’t save her — ABBY came through for her. So really, the person she should have over is Abby, not Fitz.

KC: I like how he comes over wanting a thank you fuck. For nothing. As usual. Why do I watch this again?


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