Introducing the TLF Seminar Series

We are thrilled to kick off our new longform/feature series, called TLF Seminar Series. We wanted to give an opportunity for writers and pop culture scholars to go long on pop culture topics that may not have home in other publications and open up room for articles that don’t fall firmly in the “hot take” or review category. Each month, we’ll publish an article every Friday (starting tomorrow, January 1, 2016.)


All of the articles are based around a monthly theme, and how that theme is interpreted is completely up to the author. For example, this month our theme is epic storytelling and our authors are exploring everything from epic storytelling tropes in videogames and anime, to representation of diversity in comics, to passed down fandom traditions. We’re really excited to get started, and we’re still open to pitches for the second half of 2016, so please do check out out call for proposals.

We can’t wait to get the seminar series started. Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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[…] 2016, The Learned Fangirl is introducing an exciting new series called the Seminar Series, and I have the honor of being the author of the first one, on epic storytelling in the Dragon Age […]

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