As-I-Play Borderlands 2: A Grimm Tragedy (Part Eleven)

So at the end of my last post, I ranted a bit about how I was irritated at this game. And that’s true. As I pressed onward, I ended up back in the pit where Sanctuary used to be surrounded by toxic spitting bugs and giant sand worms, and got killed so many times that I threw up my hands in disgust.

And then phoned a friend. This friend has already played through the game and has a tank-class character at level 61. I fully intended to use this friend to speed up my ability to plow through irritating sand worms in spite of the fact that I am a soft and squishy Siren with a sniper rifle.

And then Grimm tragedy struck. I say “Grimm” with two Ms and a capital G because that is the name of my cat, and my cat is what destroyed my Borderlands 2 disc in a single flying leap through the entertainment unit that holds my Xbox, upon which I had the disc sitting (alas, not in its box). As I type this, the disc appears mostly intact, except for a long, deep scratch running across it, caused by said Grimm, which causes my Xbox to inform me that my disc requires cleaning and doesn’t work.

Well, Xbox, cleaning did not fix the problem. So I tried to install the game from the disc, hoping that the scratch would not keep that from happening. It did. So I sent out a plea into Facebook land, and received only an offer from the tank who was going to help me to lend me a copy (since everyone else had gotten rid of their copy, which does not really encourage me to consider purchasing a new one), which defeats the purpose of me playing it with him.

The Grimm
The Grimm

But fear not, dear reader! Despite the title of the post, this is not a tragic tale, and we shall return to Pandora and the intrepid Maya, in spite of a large, fuzzy, and somewhat dimwitted feline who got overexcited about chasing a small tuft of his own fur. For a kind soul (the same one with whom I will be playing the remainder of the game) bestowed upon us a new copy of the disc, and the playing shall re-commence! (This is really a filler post I wrote in the mean time, since life has been insanely busy so I haven’t yet had the TIME to crack open that new copy, and, besides, it’s kind of funny. Kind of.)

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