TLF Recommended Podcasts by and for Best Friends

W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery.
W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery

by Raizel Liebler & Keidra Chaney

Having a BFF is great, but would you be able to do a podcast with your best friend? Maintaining a friendship can be difficult at times, so those that manage to also record and sustain a podcast should be pointed out. So we have three examples of podcasts by friends where they are not professional podcasters – as in, their J.O.B. is something other than recording discussions with their friend.

The podcasts below have the conversational style and flow of friends, easy to listen to, and on thought-provoking subjects. It helps to be interested in the overall subject, but this eclectic list of podcasts are all TLF approved. All are on iTunes or you can download to the podcast listener of your choosing.

Call Your Girlfriend
(As of the middle of December 2014, there are 15 episodes)

A podcast by ‎Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, actual long distance BFFs. They talk about everything that real besties talk about, focusing on news of the day – and relationship drama and lady business. For example, Episode 13: So Much Booty, is about “period cramps, being the creepy journo lady at college parties, Solange’s amazing wedding, white people will not shut up about the booty, Taylor Swift is so good at shine theory, and OMG SQUATTY POTTY.”

Oral Argument
(As of the middle of December 2014, there are 42 episodes)

This is a legal podcast. Don’t stop reading! University of Georgia School of Law Professors) Joe Miller and Christian Turner talk about law, law school, legal theory, and other stuff. There is no intro music or other bumpers – the show just starts.

Mostly they ramble for the beginning part of the episode, with the back and forth of true friends. I enjoy the actual “law talking part”, but their interaction is interesting enough for someone without such a substantial interest in law and the other law-talking guests always add to the mix.

Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time, Period.
(As of the middle of December 2014, there are 6 episodes)

This is a podcast where the title describes exactly what it is, a podcast about Denzel Washington and the two dudes who stan over him. In this case, the two dudes are comedians W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery. They start with Washington’s latest movie, The Equalizer, and then review the movies in alphabetical order . In the hand of lesser podcasters, this sounds like a podcast that could easily get dull quickly but for Bell and Avery it’s really a jumping off point to talk about movie ephemera, their personal lives, and black pop culture tropes (in addition to the latest “Denzel news”. Most of the podcasts are about an hour to 90 minutes and they usually get to Denzel at about the 30 minute point. And yet, it’s totally fun even when not about Denzel at all. Come for the Denzel stannery, stay for the humor.

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