Some Alternatives to Jezebel and xoJane – Part 2

by Keidra Chaney


Here’s part 2 of a short list of recs of places to send your valuable pageviews to besides Jezebel and xoJane. This week, I decided to focus on writers. Again, not an extensive list, just a jumping off point for more.

Trudy of Gradient Lair is not only a great source of black feminist and social media criticism, but also great pop culture criticism too.

Sarah Kendzior writes about the internet, education, labor, gender and race in a smart, incisive way. She tackles complex ideas but without academic jargon and is the kind of writer that demands attention and time to consume her work.

NPR’s Kat Chow covers race, ethnicity and gender at their blog CodeSwitch. i’ve mentioned her before, because I don’t think she gets the attention she deserves.

Also with NPR, Linda Holmes, formerly of Television without Pity, writes essays on TV, film, and music for the blog Monkey See. Not a feminist pop culture blog exclusively but with feminist themes and perspectives throughout.

Kate Foster and Miranda Feneberger of High Voltage a general interest, but fashion focused blog that has the indie appeal of old-school Bust Magazine. They also have YouTube channel. Highly recommended.

Shanley Kane’s cultural criticism focuses on the tech/startup scene. and she is one of the most clear-voiced critics of sexism and false meritocracy within Silicon Valley.

They’re both friends, but even if they weren’t, I’d be recommending Yasmin Nair and Veronica Arreola’s great writing. Both have contributed thoughtful essays on The Nation’s recent “Twitter Feminism Wars” piece

As news editor at Colorlines, Jamilah King plays the role of news curator as much as she writes, focusing on discussions of gender, sexuality, and race.

Share your favorite writers below!

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