Shout Out to Our Shout Outs and More: Early 2015 Edition

by Raizel Liebler & Keidra Chaney

We want to make sure that you, our loyal readers are aware of what us, the TLF editors are up to — and when others have noticed what we have done on TLF.

A Play On Nerds

Kristin was a guest on the podcast A Play on Nerds talking about GamerGate, Inquisition and theatre, and in the words of Kristin — “the Play on Nerds guys’ usual fun stuff”

Oral Argument Podcast

Raizel and Keidra’s mention of the Oral Argument podcast as a great podcast to listen to was mentioned on a later episode of that podcast (yes, we are using the citation suggestion for podcasts used in episode 48 here) — Joe Miller & Christian Turner, Oral Argument 43: Some Stuff I Like and Some Stuff I Don’t at 24:00, available at

Legal Geeks Podcast

On January 11, 2015, Viv was a guest on the Legal Geeks podcast, talking about Scandal! (Joshua Gilliland, Jessica Mederson & Vivian Obarski, 2014: A Geek Year to Remember, available at

Chicago Writer’s Conference blog, Uncanny, and C2E2

Keidra was featured as a Writer of the Week for the Chicago Writer’s Conference, described as “making waves on the Chicago literary scene” as co-founder of TLF and wrote about nerd rock for Uncanny Magazine. Also Keidra will be on a panel at C2E2 this year: Through Brightest Days & Blackest Nights – A Black Nerd Girl’s Journey”, so expect more on that very soon!

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