Scandal Chat – Season 4: Episode 15

VO: Apologies on the lateness of this recap — in Wisconsin, the WIAA girls basketball championships took over our airwaves and I wasn’t able to watch Scandal in my usual fashion. Which is live-Tweeting and gossiping as it airs.

KC: I have no excuse other than I wanted to do other things on Thursday night. Heh.

VO: With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Hey look it’s Susan going through everything with the VP vetting process. I think that Mellie is just high as hell considering that she would be a mild candidate she could steamroll. Hell, Susan Ross has more political experience than Mellie right now, which is everything that Mellie lacks.

KC: This whole “Mellie as President” storyline made sense to me until I realized she meant ASAP. Now I think she’s batshit.

VO: Amazingly Susan’s speech isn’t going terribly until the gravity of the situation takes over and she starts to Sarah Palin it. While people might consider it refreshing, I would say the woman comes off as kind of unhinged, to say the least.

KC: Again, I have to say here is where I wish Artemis Pebani was being used better. She’s funnier than this, and can convey weirdness in a way that isn’t just “awkward frumpy woman” And it’s so…. typical.

VO: So for Olivia, white wine is her depression choice? And you can tell she’s not doing well because she’s not drinking out of a glass.

KC: Well, white wine does suck. I wouldn’t drink white wine for a good time.


*ahem* I love how Cyrus is arguing for Olivia to get back to work, like she’s an employee of his and using up her FMLA. And by love, I mean, want to hit him with a broom.

KC: There’s something that really bugged me while ringing true to me a bit. The  curse of the overachieving black woman. Even when hardcore shit happens to you and you really can’t or don’t wanna deal, SOMEONE is gonna come out of the woodwork needing you to do some work for them or listen to their whiny bullshit or whatever. “HEY GET OVER YOUR TRAUMA BY HELPING ME OUT!”  I dunno, I kinda felt that for a sec, maybe projecting, but I felt it.

VO: No, I totally get what you’re saying. It’s the thing of not being seen as human, but as a machine that can get shit done. Olivia totally need a break people — she should’ve gone back to that damn island.

Hey Marla Gibbs! Also I didn’t know Kimmel was on this episode.

KC: I wonder if he’s a fan.

VO: Judging by the appearances of cast members on his show, Escandalo and other spoofs, I’d totally say he is.

Olivia’s really dealing with the PTSD, which I have to laud the writers for at least being realistic in a way.

KC: Yeah, she’s not a superwoman, she’s changed from this, and I think we’ll see the aftershocks of it from here on out. She’s not “Olivia Pope” anymore. I dunno who she is. She doesn’t know either.

VO: I think she’s a woman who needs a psychiatrist and time alone to get her mind back in order. When Huck and Quinn are perhaps the most sane people worried about Olivia’s aftercare, I wonder about the sanity of the crew Olivia hangs with.

KC: I never thought I’d like Quinn but I really do these days.

VO: And you know Rose and Lois were lovers, given how they know each other’s schedule. I’m also not surprised by the police dismissing Rose’s concerns.

KC: Yeah, I kinda pegged it from jump. This plotline feels very Grey’s to me.

VO: I wonder if David Rosen meeting with the public is a way for Josh Malina to riff a bit. And now we know Huck’s name — Diego Munoz!

KC: It’s so funny because I never realized that we never knew his name. Four seasons in, I’m kinda like “oh…”

VO: Of course B613 would come back because it’s like a Hydra.

KC:  But what are they, and what purpose do they function? And who runs them? And why?

VO: I really do think that the writers don’t even know. Did you ever notice that B613 is basically used as the “big bad government shadow agency” thing? There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Just whatever evil you need done, drop B613 in it.

I love Leo’s summation of Susan saying she’s a troll — it’s not flattering and could be considered sexist, but it’s also a hint as to who Leo Bergen is. The man is a merc.

KC: As jerky as he is, he’s doing his job.

VO: Hey Jimmy Kimmel! I feel like the walls are coming down and I wonder if Artemis showed up on Kimmel.

KC: Interesting bit of stunt casting. I do wonder if he’s legit a fan now.

VO: I totally think he is. He spends his nights swilling red wine from those Crate and Barrel glasses.

I forgot how much I love Leo because he’s a slimy little merc and the montage of getting Susan ready reminds me of how they prepped Palin. It’s delightfully sleazy.

KC: He’s a jerk but he really is doing his job right and I can’t hate on that.

VO: And now we’re back to B613 — Rosen’s whole “I see dead people,” riff made me laugh because it is so Josh Malina.

KC: I feel like he’s Living His Best Life on Scandal these days.

VO: How the hell did B613 not know Huck’s real name or his wife and children? For an intelligence agency, they’re pretty stupid.

KC: Oh my god, right!? Just the management of B613 seems like its run by chimps, but from what I hear about how real life government agencies are run it’s probably not far off.

VO: Is it just me or is Quinn getting better at reading Huck?

KC: Quinn is Huck’s person. I think they are crazy kindred spirits. They are  Scandalverse’s Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey.

VO: Poor Susan looks like she’s gonna hit Leo with a book. Hell, Abby looks looks like she wants to hit him with a book. I don’t blame Susan for telling Leo to shove it and that she quits because she has a point — what Leo is trying to do is get her in, which isn’t always about good governance.

KC: I think another thing is that Susan’s not a people person. She’s an egghead, and all of this is overwhelming. She’s one of those old school “public servant” politicians.

VO: Quinn and Huck as working colleagues is delightful and hilarious in how quickly they go through body disposal ideas.

KC: I kinda wish they would have their own spin-off.

VO: HUCK WHY DID YOU GIVE KIM THE INFO ABOUT B613 IF YOU DIDN’T WANT HER TO BLOW THE WHISTLE? You gave her a death sentence the minute you handed her those files Huck, you dumbass.

KC: I think I may have to skip the episode where she dies. CAUSE SHE”S GONNA.  I honestly can’t.

VO: Leo and Abby together? I love their bedtime rituals. You never see people put in the mouth guard, lotioning or reading before bed. And the bedtime fight is something that honestly, I’ve done before (I’m not proud of it, but I’ve done it). But when did Leo and Abby move in together? Or get to the point where they could play mundane household stuff?

And you can’t fire someone and expect them to get back into bed with you Abby, I’m just sayin’ that someone would have ended up sleeping on the couch.

KC: Yeah I didn’t realize they were that serious. News to me! Not sure how I like them as a couple, as much as I was bored by Abby and Rosen, Abby and Leo are even more “…”

VO: Rose is so helpful. And I’m still delighted to see Marla Gibbs — she’s looking so nice too. Rose is a realist and the scene where she tells Olivia she needs to know what happens is how long-term love works. You can sense when your other half is gone. I now wish I had an entire series about those two because I wonder about how their lives were. Certainly I’d find it more interesting than the president and Olivia making mooney eyes at each other.

KC: This was a sweet moment, and I like I said before, it’s very Grey’s in that a one shot character comes in and spells out Life Lessons for the major character.

VO: Abby and Olivia having lunch together is another great moment. I wish we had more episodes of just Abby and Olivia working together. Abby knowing that Olivia likes bacon cracks me up — it’s just what friends know about each other.

KC: Yeah they kind of eased up on the Abby and Olivia BFFness and I’d like to see more of that.

VO: Weirdly I like Olivia’s advice to Susan — it’s a difference between Leo and her. Leo reminds me more of Whiplash and not making mistakes and getting perfect while a teacher browbeats the fuck out of you. Olivia’s more of a mentor, which I personally think pays off more.

KC: And Olivia is a strategist too, so she gets how Susan works and what she responds to. Leo is used to dealing with classic political animal types.

VO: Watching the phone calls, Olivia and Abby need to work together more often as partners and equals.

KC: Definitely. I hope they’ll do more of that later this season, though its almost done.

VO: And Olivia and Fitz not looking at each other has got to be wearing on Abby and Cyrus.


KC: I don’t even want to get into Fitz right now. That basic bitch, Everything I’ve said in every other Scandal Chat this year still stands.

VO: Here we go with the eyefucking. I definitely could use more of Rose and Lois and their epic love story than Olivia and Fitz.

KC:  Can we end them?

VO: Javi talking with Huck about their games reminds me of listening to my daughter ramble on about Skylanders.

Aww Kim and Huck playing house. I have a weird feeling Huck is doing this knowing that it’s the last time he’s going to see them.

KC: I hope to god he actually gets them into witness protection or something, rather than letting them get killed or killing them himself or something.

VO: Quinn calling Huck out on his bullshit is making me like her more. She’s not my worst anymore.

KC: Quinn was never the absolute worst. That was ALWAYS Fitz.

VO: I suddenly feel awful for Kim. She put all this trust into Huck after years of his being gone and it’s just blowing up in his face and she’s not going to understand why he’s doing this. Adding the flashbacks, it’s clear he wants to protect Kim, but he knows it’s going to blow up in their faces.

But when he talks about the hole and the precision, I am impressed with where they took Huck’s character so he isn’t just crazypants, but its the importance of routine and trying to keep himself sane while in the hole. And while this might not give up B613, it’s like him telling Kim that something terrible happened and he’s not lying, but he can’t say any more.

KC: I dunno how this is going to play out, I just don’t want Kim and Javi to get hurt. And honestly, any other character could die and I would be like “thems the breaks” but if they die to protect B613 I may be done.

VO: And how is B613 going to blow back on Liv? Besides the fact that her dad was Command? Was she ever in B613?

KC: I didn’t get that either. She was never a part of B613, she never hid anything for them, right?

VO: Exactly. I think that this is what’s so frustrating about the second half of this season — nothing makes sense. B613 was barely plausible last season (given that they ran like a slacker nonprofit) and now it’s just EVIL INC. We don’t know how long Olivia was held hostage exactly, and Mellie apparently has lost her damn mind.

Speaking of which, I love how Mellie thinks she’s going to get a cream-puff opponent, but I don’t think she realizes that Susan might be problem in the future.

KC: She’s not really thinking this through at ALL. Sadly it’s like this VP thing is playing out because she’s just given up on her marriage or personal happiness at all.

VO: Oh Leo and Abby — I think I might cheer these two on.

And Jake — what did you expect when you gave Rosen the files? Seriously. You told him to get the bad guys and you’re flipping out now? What the hell man?

KC: *shrug* I don’t even know why he’s still here.

VO: Of course they would end the show on a hopeful note like Oooh Child before everything goes to hell. And by hell, I mean Lena Dunham next week with that goofy ass hairdo.

KC: SMH. Also I heard this and kept expecting Star-lord to show up and be like “We’re Olivia Pope and Associates BITCH!”

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