Scandal Chat S3 E12 – We Do Not Touch The First Ladies


Mellie looking like an American Hustle extra.

Viv: Nothing like screaming fights to indicate love. I love how nonplussed Tom the Secret Service guy is. He’s all “Yup. Happens all the time.” To me that just indicates that whatever sexual chemistry those two had is fizzling.

I don’t like how possessive Fitz is with the “fox in my henhouse line.” But I always felt Fitz doesn’t see Liv as a person — she’s just an object that represents freedom from this weird cage he put himself in and he doesn’t want to get out of. Liv’s read on him is perfect, but we’ll see how long she sticks with it. When she said “This is the only day,” I started laughing. Because you know that’s fucking hilarious.

KC: He never did as far as I am concerned. Daddy Pope had him pegged all along to him, Liv is a “door marked exit” and I think the fact that she is a very sexy means to an end is finally dawning on her. There’s a certain seduction, I guess to feeling possessed in that way, but there was always a squirrely power dynamic in their relationship that no amount of romanticizing can sugarcoat. She deserves to have her own life. She’s finally getting it. Slowly.

Remember a few Scandal Chats ago when I mentioned that Liv is a Mary Sue? Well, she clearly isn’t at this point. She’s cultivated this persona of having her shit together for so long and now it is completely coming apart. Thing is, if it wasn’t Fitz, it would be someone else. I know some OIivia fans hate seeing her like this, but I think once Liv gets her shit together EVERYONE BETTER WATCH OUT. Especially Fitz.

Mellie and Nelson aren’t Fitz and Olivia, but it looks like it’s going there soon

Viv: Mellie and Nelson. “Stop looking at me like that.” I love how Mellie is trying to resist temptation, but dude, you know she needs a good lay.

I know it’s really sweet of Nelson, but what is it about Mellie that drew him to her? Why is he willing to sink his political career for her? I’m not saying it’s not justified, but as far as I can tell the first time they met was the argument, and that’s a good sign of attraction. Because it just seems like he’s her white knight and that’s not love, if that makes sense. I wish we could’ve seen something with them that wasn’t the dramatic crazy life-saving thing, because that would make me root for this more. LIke some fun stuff with their relationship.

KC: She does. He wants to save her. Not necessarily healthy, but geez, it’s not like Fitz is doing anything useful. More than anything she needs to someone to really want her, to choose her, Ash Ketchum-style. I CHOOSE YOU, MELLIE!

I feel like the entire Mellie rape storyline and the aftermath is something that didn’t need to happen. I know Shonda denies it but I do feel like it was a ploy to make the character more sympathetic and it wasn’t needed. I think it would have been nice to have Nelson as a pre-Fitz love or a colleague from her life as a lawyer, something that shows her identity and life outside of Fitz. We get little indications and clues that Mellie was her own person, a very different person, and I still want to see who that person was.

But also, it really, really bugs me who completely clueless Fitz was to his wife’s pain. Seriously what kind of emotionally stunted asshat is this guy to not see what was right in front of him?

Viv: I’m puzzled as to how Fitz didn’t put two and two together — that is, she liked being around Big Jerry and now suddenly she doesn’t. She doesn’t like being touched and she’s flinching here and there. I’m not saying that Fitz should’ve automatically deduced what was going on a la Sherlock Holmes, but the dude should have tried a little tenderness that didn’t involve his wang.

KC: That seems to be exactly what it is, they all seem to be broken people, and I don’t think anyone on this show should be anyone’s template for a healthy relationship or even a enjoyable unhealthy tryst. Everyone’s playing a larger power game and using sex/”love” as some kind of escape or justification for their actions. Kind of a cynical view, but That’s Our Shonda.

Viv: I’ve gotta say, Olivia’s lecture to Mellie is hilarious and Mellie’s whole “We are not the same,” was perfection. Olivia desperately wanted that because she wants Mellie to be horrible or have some reason for Fitz to leave her — like cheating — and there isn’t that to make Olivia feel justified in cheating. She’s still a cheater.

KC: Liv’s a hypocrite and she knows it, this whole episode was about people reading her, Mellie, Huck, etc. Olivia knows that she keeps fucking up and scrabbling for some kind of justification for her actions. I dunno if she really felt like Mellie was horrible – they were friends at one point – but I do think she wanted to have a reason, a smoking gun for Fitz’ infidelity that she could hang her “white hat” on.

Viv: Mellie and Olivia seriously need a bunch of good friends to sit their asses down, give them some straight talk and slap some sense into them.

KC: So weird that they don’t especially since Shonda can write great female friendships, like in Grey’s Anatomy, but the Scandalverse, no one seems to have actual friends, or any kind of relationship based on trust. That actually intrigues me and it’s an interesting world to live in, but it does stand out to me as weird at times. Liv has no friends that aren’t connected to her work. Mellie has no one; she’s an island.

Viv: I wish that Olivia and Mellie were united on other things *puts on shipper hat*.

KC: It won’t happen but I’d love to see Scandal end with them riding off into the sunset.

David Rosen and James Novak really need help with their schemes

Viv: Abby’s in bed with David Rosen confessing her love and nothing is more awkward than the “I gotta go” for response.

KC: Yeah… considering they are the only semi-not-damaged couple on this show, I am a bit worried.

Viv: I think they’re fine. It’s just that weird dance that couples do in the beginning of relationships. Of course, having said that, someone is gonna die, they’re going to break up or Rosen is going to be unveiled as the mastermind behind B613 and Quinn’s secret lover.

OMG JAMES IS JUST STUPID. This is why I wanted Rowan to be Publius. He’d be more savvy about it than James. James is a darling, but he’s like a rookie going up against Kobe Bryant of evil scheming.

KC: James… I feel for him because he wants to play hardball but he is not analytical, he is emotional. He’s a PR flack for Christ sakes. He is on my short list of people who will probably not make the end of the season.

Viv: I hate to say it, but I can see that and it saddens me because I seriously wanted some Alexis Carrington/Dex Dexter machinations between those two. I love Abby and Huck’s rescue of David. He needs someone smart enough to help him out and bring them up to the right league.

KC: I thought he was a goner. I do wonder about the moral centers of the show, because I feel like David always has his soft underbelly showing and he’s gonna have get dirty to survive.

Viv: James and Rosen are seriously like the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters.

KC: LOL yep. People who operate from a sense of morality don’t fare well in the Scandalverse.


Viv: Jake’’s “HONEY I’M HOME” cracks me up. Jake’s speech is the sign of his alignment is slipping. Stocking the fridge makes me laugh hard, because he’s saying everything that we’re thinking about Liv’s diet.

KC: Very true. Can’t even get the boy some beer? I would have done that, Liv. As I said before though, I don’t think his alignment is slipping as much as his true nature is showing.

Viv: I feel for Jake, because you know he knows he’s being used.

KC: Jake is a tool, but I do feel for him too, because I have NO CLUE what he is getting out of it. he’s not even getting a decent meal at the end of the day. Jake was ALWAYS hella sketch to me. Liv may have “feelings” for Jake but she is too messed up to be in a relationship with either of them.

Harrison and the briefcase full of sketchy campaign funds, perhaps one of the more realistic things on this show

Viv: Let’s talk about Harrison’s storyline — Adnan is just lovely. And what is Clearwater? I think it also shows what kind of policy wonk I am in that I’m excited about a storyline that deals with campaign funds and major donations.

KC: I am excited for this storyline and hope it plays out well. Adnan *is* lovely and she and Harrison have hot hot chemistry. Finally some sex to root for! Hopefully with Harrison’s storyline, after waiting for two and a half seasons, will reveal him to be way more dangerous and way more of a major player in this twisted game than we have imagined.

Viv: AND HEEEEEEY MAMA POPE! I’m just happy to see her.

KC: Did I miss something? Why is she so glam? Still I am happy to see her and I am ready for her to wreak some havoc. Glamorously.

My So-Called Assassin’s life starring Quinn Perkins and Charlie the sarcastic killer

Viv: And we have the crazy assassin lovebirds in bed. Quinn continues to be obvious which isn’t good.

KC: Quinn is an idiot and really bad at this. Honestly, if she doesn’t die I’d like to see her get a clue and actually become a more effective assassin, I don’t think she’s deep undercover anymore, unfortunately.

Viv: I love Liv’s order to come home to Quinn. It’s like a mom with a rebellious teenager. And the worst thing Quinn can say about Huck is that that he licked her face? For real? What about the unauthorized dentistry? And I’m still backing the idea that she’s deep cover, because I hate the idea that she’d be that stupid. And Quinn acting all teenager with Jake was tres adorable. But I have weird respect for her actually showing some brains.

KC: Slowly but surely – if she doesn’t die – I think we will see Quinn get some sense.

Nothing says “sorry” like Starbucks.

Viv: Huck’s apology is weirdly frightening and fascinating for me. I feel like while it’s very Frankenstein, I feel like some of it is a load of shit from Huck — he’s a grown-ass man who knows right from wrong.

KC: I hear you on this, but… would you give a puppy to a kid who likes to set garbage cans on fire? That is what Olivia did. She knew what kind of person Huck has become, and to think that he would be a good influence on Quinn shows her absolutely asstastic judgement. Not to dump on Liv, but I think the Huck/Quinn debacle shows where her head is, or more specifically where it is not.

Viv: But was Quinn just Huck’s? Even that wording bothers me because it’s the whole idea that Quinn is an object that just is passed around and molded without her own agency. It’s like when Fitz and Rowan talk about Olivia — they’re ignoring the agency the person has in the situation. I get the impression that she was supposed to be everyone apprentice, but over time, her and Huck gravitated towards each other. Yes, Olivia could’ve stopped it, especially since Quinn apparently turned into a murder addict when Huck showed her how to torture.

I’m not saying you’re wrong regarding Olivia’s terrible, terrible judgment, but I feel like Huck may be getting a complete pass when he doesn’t necessarily deserve one. Also Quinn deserves some of the blame for this because she wanted to continue learning the murderous ways, even when Huck said he wouldn’t. But Huck made up his mind to go off the books and torture Quinn. He didn’t have to do that. He chose to do that.

KC: Good point, and that is not to take away Quinn’s agency, she is a grown woman, so to put it in terms that acknowledge the free will of all parties involved (and sound like a Forbes article) there was only one boss in that situation, and that is Olivia. A good boss knows how to form good teams and good partnerships, and recognize weaknesses. And in this case, the weakness is mutual cray. Huck was never an ideal member of the team to serve the role of mentor. She knew how damaged he was and how damaged Quinn was and said “here, fucked up people, fix each other.” Great move, boss.

It was either B613 or writing a gossip blog, to be honest

Viv: TOM IS B613? I LOVE IT. I knew that he had to make a deal somewhere to put up with this bullshit.

KC: But was he always B613 or did he come to the dark side. Was it before of after Fitz being elected? Inquiring minds want to know!!!! Tom fascinates me, now more than ever. What about his life has contributed to his extremely sketchy moral code? I used to think it was because he is a romantic, but it’s clearly something else going on.

Viv: I’d wager he’s always been B613, but when Fitz became president, he became the White House spy. Which explains how the hell Rowan knew so much about Fiz and Olivia’s dalliances. To be honest, I’m proud of Tom, because he has to be sick of that bullshit. You could almost see him thinking, “I do not get paid enough for this.”

KC: And I do not blame him.

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