Oh, and by the way? Nobody cares about Facebook.

So the Interwebz’ collective panties are in a twist as a result of a recent study that says essentially that MySpace still rules (and I mean significantly) when it comes to web traffic, despite Facebook’s dominance in the media.

Traffic analysts Hitwise released numbers today indicating that things are not as they might seem. Apparently, all the Facebook hype has not translated into a huge growth in social network market share among US users. Hitwise says that Myspace received 72.32% of US visits to the top ten social networks in December 2007, while Facebook received just over 16%.

Even so, Facebook is still the media/tech geek darling, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg on board to bore the hell out of people until Harold and Kumar shows up speak at SXSW Interactive in March.

But honestly, the Facebook vs. MySpace war is a rather pointless one. People will go, ultimately, where the content is, and that’s where MySpace rules. All the goofy applications in the world won’t make up for that. As long as musicians stream new music and film companies post exclusive trailer on MySpace, MySpace is where people will spend their free time. Until something better comes along.

I have no particular affinity toward one or the other as a user.But for anyone interested in using either for marketing purposes, this is a game-changer.

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I find Facebook to be more confusing than MySpace…and the search features (for people) seem awfully limited–or else I’m just clueless and can’t figure out how to do a world-wide search since it always seems to default back to my networks and groups…because of those things I tend to use Myspace a lot more than Facebook.

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