TLF’s Favorites: Intellectual Property and Technology Law Podcasts

by Raizel

Considering the success of our two alternatives to Jezebel posts, we are going to have more TLF suggests posts. This first post of interesting podcasts focuses on intellectual property law. I listen to lots of podcasts — future podcasting posts will have more about media, technology, science, fandom, code switching, and more.

These podcasts range from public radio shows, to university produced content, to more. Not all focus solely on intellectual property or technology law. Blogging is difficult enough — and podcasting on the regular is even more challenging! Of course, there are plenty of interesting one-off podcasts, but to be included, the podcast needs to come out on a fairly regular basis and has been updated in the last three months or so. So no official recommendation of formerly active podcasts like the Intellectual Property Colloquium. I’ve also starred the ones that I rarely skip regardless of content, like this: {*}

Considering websites and feeds frequently change, if these links don’t work, please search for these on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app (I use Downcast where all of these are available). Did we miss your favorite podcast? Please share it in comments.

{*} Berkman Center for Internet and Society Audio Fishbowl

Lots of interesting talks at Harvard’s Berkman Center. There is also a video stream, but I prefer to listen to the audio while doing other things.

Bloomberg Law

About ¼ of the podcasts are about intellectual property. Short format and includes guests like Santa Clara Law Profs Eric Goldman and Tyler Ochoa.

Federalist Society’s Intellectual Property Practice Group Podcast

These podcasts definitely come from a group with a specific ideological viewpoint; the discussions of upcoming cases are timely and the economic issues of IP are thoroughly analyzed.

{*} On the Media

With a journalism-speaking to journalism bent, there is a large focus on the First Amendment, privacy, and copyright, with occasional mentions of trademark, trade secrets, and rights of publicity.

New Books in Law

Discussions about new books in law. All are interesting – but many have an IP focus.

{*} Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society’s Hearsay Culture

Dave Levine interviews some of the most interesting people in intellectual property and media studies scholarship.

{*} This Week in Law

While the title doesn’t include any IP words, this is an intellectual property and technology podcast. A weekly podcast that is always at least an hour, and there is also a video stream, but I prefer to listen to the audio while doing other things.

{*} Wired UK Podcast

All about technology — but of course frequently legal issues are discussed. If you are not a law-talking person, and feel overwhelmed by This Week in Law, give the Wired UK podcast a chance. Definitely the funnest podcast on this list.

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