Editorial Internship for The Learned Fangirl

The Learned Fangirl is an online publication focused on giving a critical voice to pop culture and online culture. We are seeking an intern to assist with editorial and website responsibilities, allowing the intern to understand the functionality of the digital publishing industry. We’re looking for someone to work with TLF  as a collaborator and contributor, someone who is passionate about pop culture  and critical writing.

The intern will do some or all of the following: line-editing of blog posts, Search Engine Optimization tagging, writing and editing newsletter, and similar responsibilities as assigned. There will likely be an opportunity for the intern to write one long-form critical essay of their choosing, receiving the same edit/critique all of our writers receive.

To apply, send us an email at thelearnedfangirl AT gmail DOT com, with all of the following:

1. e-mail with the following subject heading — include these words: “TLF Editorial Internship“: name of your university] and [last name/family name]
2. a cover letter (or email body) explaining why you want to intern with us and who you are;
3. a pitch for a potential essay with us;
4. a pop culture-focused writing sample that shows your writing skills (We define “sample” broadly: anything that shows your ability to turn a phrase while being critical is fine: a college research paper, samples from your own website, a Storify of your Tweets, or a newspaper column, for example).

Currently we do not have the possibility to pay on an hourly basis (we can only pay our feature writers at the moment) but we’re happy to work with your school for college credit and with you for payment on any features you may write!

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