Center for Social Media’s Best Practices: Now in tasty video format!

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The Center for Social Media just released the above video, Remix Culture: Fair Use Is Your Friend, to help illustrate the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video, that was released in July 2008. While I’m glad that there are best practices that address the interests of other communities, having a best practice guide for remix culture is so important — considering the community is so diverse and diffuse!

The video identifies six types of potential fair use :

  • Commenting or critiquing of copyrighted material
  • Use for illustration or example
  • Incidental or accidental capture of copyrighted material
  • Memorializing or rescuing of an experience or event
  • Use to launch a discussion
  • Recombining to make a new work, such as a mashup or a  remix, whose elements depend on relationships between existing works

The Fair Use Code is one of the “best practices” created by the Center, including:

There are other best practices guides including:

While the best practices can’t state something is or is not fair use definitively, by offering guidelines these best practices help people who are being creative understand what are the reasonable limits of fair use. One of the advantages of the best practices is that they are limited to within communities, thereby allowing the best practices to be  based on how people actually use materials within their community. But the best practices are not only for those in the community, but also for outsiders who set limits on distribution of created works, such as insurance companies (documentarians!) and ISPs (responses to takedowns).

And if you want a snapshot of remix culture from about two years ago, take a look at this video by the Center for Social Media!

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