A Warm Welcome To Our New Writers!


The TLF editors are thrilled to welcome two new writers to our merry crew, Nicole Keating  (comics writer) and K. Hopson (anime and con recaps). Welcome! We are so excited to have you on the team! Here’s more about them:

Nicole Keating is a Chicago-based writer, director, and burlesque dancer.  In other words, she works in an office during the day and dreams big dreams at night.  A dedicated narcissist since birth, she got her degree in theatre from Northwestern University.  Unfortunately, that did not lead to the hoped-for career as one of Joss Whedon’s favorite actresses.  [Curse you, Amy Acker!]  Her plan B is to be a shorter, sexier, lady version of Whedon himself, creating funny and touching sci-fi/fantasy (and sometimes Shakespeare!) for page, stage, and screen.  E-stalk her on Twitter and at www.thefakegeekgirl.com.

K. Hopson has a healthy collection of interests. She is a roller derby enthusiast, Japanese culture nerd, fitness freak, foodie, a gamer (when there’s time), devourer of novels, and a lover of all things cute. (i.e., sloths and baby pygmy goats)

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